Software Engineering

Each and every enterprise or venture has got its own special or even unique business model. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a perfect scheme that eventually would not result in a certain problem or obstacle. That is why individual problems require inimitable solutions that can hardly be bought off the peg.

The Steen Harbach AG has realised these particular claims and needs as well as their importance for every company’s overall success. For us every single problem means facing an exciting challenge, which is why we define ourselves not only as ordinary programmers who implement certain concepts, but first of all as software architects who design them. However, designing bespoke solutions is only half the truth. Optimised persistency of such a solution, its performance as well as the efficiency it brings is what we truly have in mind when working with and for our customers. We do not only present ourselves as a strategic partner, we also take the trouble to fully understand your company’s critical business processes. That knowledge is the key to proper resolution of all your nuisances. We even take this idea a step further by helping our customers identify their rewuirements. We discuss your personal requirements on a one-on-one basis calling your attention to potential obstacles that might be placed in your path as your company evolves on its way to success.

Lastly, after defining specifications, we analyse all functional and non-functional requirements and come up with a granular concept to consider even the slightest detail. Such a concept is probably best described by comparing it with a musical composition, which precisely delineates a melody, note by note. As a customer — or should we say listener — you will most likely be interested in a pleasurable and smooth performance that does not only depend on the composer’s talent but also on the virtuosity of the performing orchestra and certainly on the conductor’s experience who is responsible for directing the orchestral playing. At the end of the day, it is all about their interaction, their teamwork that produces a catchy tune out of bare notes.

That is what stands behind our concept of individual software engineering where our composers, conductors and our orchestra lead our customers all the way through the entire systematic optimisation process starting with the planning and continuing up to the actual implementation and deployment. Thus, we create profound frameworks to support economic and productive efficiency which in turn guarantee sustainable growth and success.