Experience has taught us that it is usually not enough just to complete a certain IT project successfully, which is a great and highly demanding achievement anyway.  However, every single integration or implementation introduces specific new aspects, which in turn at least slightly alter the perception of both the affected employees and the responsible supervisors. 

As with everything else in life, economic viability and efficiency are and have always been the main focus of attention.  Being or becoming economically viable and efficient means to have an eye for detail and not solely the main points.  For example, what initially may seem an insignificant technical hitch can easily cause a snowball effect, a situation that develops more and more quickly as it continues and more often than not, it ends in a literal avalanche of troubles considerably difficult to handle.  Under such dramatic circumstances, economic viability or efficiency will certainly no longer come into question, rather than the actual reasons for that snowball effect.

So how can we help you get so much “snow on the mountaintops” under control to avoid future avalanches?

Speaking of snow, there is a saying „Eskimos have a thousand words for snow“.  Even though it is not fully correct, they do have a lot more snow-related words than exist in the English language.

The technique used to derive numerous words is based on forming new terms from a limited number of so called free morphemes.  Yet again, to be able to do so they needed both an eye for detail and previous experience of their ancestors.  This paradigm shows that our daily life is driven by education and experience and so is the entire IT world.  That is exactly why the Steen Harbach AG has extended its expertise and professional qualification over the years in such critical fields as Strategic Planning, Business Process Management, Technology Consultancy, Network Topologies, Information Security, Storage Solutions, System Hosting, System Integration and Migration, Desktop Management Services as well as Software Engineering and Support. 

Our specialists have gained valuable experience whilst working on various projects to cement their excellent education.  With their help we can make your work a lot easier by taking over certain parts of it and by supporting you in any question or situation that may arise.  Our comprehensive support infrastructure is always at your service to help you not only to achieve the desired profitability and efficiency but to persistently maintain them, so that you can sustain operability even in hard times. 


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