In a time, where information based technology is all around us the main question is: who has the control? It is not necessarily a human being but more often software that is in charge of controlling processes. Therefor the software's quality has direct impact on everything what we associate with technic and technology.

As an IT service provider we are completely aware of the significance of high quality software and as a Microsoft Gold Partner are using mostly products from this well-known vendor for this reason.

Microsoft is more than just “Windows”. The diversity of today’s technics requires the same level of diversity in its controlling software. And the increasing complexity of modern software requires an appropriate expertise and experience that we prove within our projects and yearly assessments.


Technology Partners:

Microsoft: Gold Partner

Hewlett Packard: Sales Partner

Oracle: Development Partner

eWBM: Embedded Devices / Internet of Things / FIDO2 Authenticator Dongles

Process Partners:

gripitcon: ITIL & Business Process Management

OGiTiX AG: Prozessautomatisierung