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Our IT-Service Portfolio

The system house is the bridge between the end customer and the manufacturer.

We, the Steen Harbach AG, are specialized to support our customers in questions and concerns around IT-products as well as IT- support services. We deliver customized solutions that ensure the smooth operation of your IT-infrastructure.

  • Planning/ Conception of IT-Infrastructures
  • Strategy Development
  • Procurement/roll Outs (of all IT-Hardware)
  • Design and Operation of Network Infrastructure (WLAN/LAN/WAN etc.)
  • IT-Workstation support (e.g. telephony, printer, monitor etc.)
  • Back-up solutions
  • Viren protection/ Firewall solutions
  • Cloud  solutions
    1. Software Implementation
    2. Mircosoft 365 (Implementation, Integration, Consulting and Licensing)
    3. SharePoint, Mircosoft Teams
    4. E-Mail in Cloud
    5. Cloud Telephony
    6. Time Tracking Systems
  • Software Update solutions
  • E-Mail Hosting
  • Trainings and Webinars (Microsoft, SharePoint etc.)
  • User Administration and and Password Management  (FIDO Security Keys)
  • DSGVO Consulting and Training, external Responsibility
  • Building and Access Control
  • Software and Hardware maintenance
  • License Control/ Licence Management
  • Digital workplace sultions
    1. Remote workplace
    2. Home-Office Support and Commissioning
  • Realization of small to medium sized Software developments for internal/ external use
    1. Creation of internally and externally used database applications (e.g. Inventory Systems, Vacation Planner, Budget Planner, Document Management, Approval Processes etc.)
    2. Web porting of existing applications e.g. from Excel files, Access databases)

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