The FIDO2 security standard

Logging in via user name and password on the Web is no longer in keeping with the times for a number of reasons: On the one hand, entering personal user information is becoming more and more of a burden as the number of services used continues to grow. On the other hand, the security of log-in data is increasingly at risk due to the growing technical possibilities of cybercriminals. Targeted attacks or phishing e-mails that seem harmless at first glance are becoming more frequent, with users often not even noticing that their own login data has already been successfully spied on.
The FIDO2 security standard addresses this issue by relying on two-factor authentication based on the use of security keys (FIDO2 keys) and hardware tokens.
FIDO2 is the latest specification from the non-commercial FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance, which was launched with the aim of developing open and license-free standards for secure, global authentication on the World Wide Web.

The future of secure IoT is now!