IT-Project Management

Great projects require careful and prospective planning — an ancient wisdom respected and followed by humanity for thousands of years. Without it the King Cheops’ Great Pyramid would now probably be not more than a huge pile of stones and sand on the west bank of the Nile River rather than one of the most famous and well-preserved monuments of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Its unbelievable degree of precision still makes sure that the mutual difference in lateral length is less than one-tenth of a per cent which is considered the major reason for remaining substantially intact over such a long period of time. Without a cleverly devised strategy the Battle of Cannae today would not be among the greatest victories of all times taught at virtually every military academy of the world as a tactical masterstroke in which the numerically superior Roman army suffered a disastrous defeat. Without an ingenious construction the spacecraft Vostok 1 could have never soared up into the air. Instead, it would have rather burst into flames, much like its predecessors whose careers far too often ended on the launch pad.

Behind all those success stories there were people who literally had to move colossal masses being in a position of responsibility. Be it Hemiunu as an Egyptian architect who raised an everlasting monument created out of over 6 million tonnes of rock. Be it Hannibal as a leading Carthaginian commander and tactician who managed to surround and destroy all but a small remnant of the mighty Roman and Allied legions of the Consuls.

Or be it Sergey Korolyov as an exceptionally gifted rocket engineer who coined a whole new era of space travel and exploration by designing space vehicles that are still among the best and most efficient of their kind. All these extraordinary historical figures certainly never acted single-handedly, they could have never done everything on their own. However, they moved and led their projects with tireless motivation and unswerving belief, passing through the dire straits and eventually bringing everything to a successful or even glorious culmination. From our modern perspective, all these people can be considered ideal project managers, in a manner of speaking.

It is in the nature of things that we who we work for the Steen Harbach AG will hardly reach such historical significance, but we, nonetheless, orientate ourselves towards such great values and high ideals. We fight our battles in much smaller formats, but we assume responsibility trustingly assigned to us by our customers not less seriously than a splendid commander of the Ancient World. We know that companies all strive “to send their first man into space” which is why continuous optimisation of existing applications and systems is so important when it comes to gaining competitive advantages over the others. We also know that the process of innovation and product life cycles are getting shorter placing much stress on contemporary architects of corporate success, their labour and their budgets. Similar to Hemiunu it is clear to us that innovation always simplifies work afterwards creating opportunities and chances to reduce or even minimise running costs and expenses.

Prior to devising solutions, locating and identifying problems is an indispensable part of the management. That is exactly the right spot for us to apply our sophisticated analysis whereby we scan your network, examine the underlying framework, isolate flaws and vulnerabilities, make costs transparent and eventually find out the most efficient way to utilise available resources. We accompany, motivate and lead you all the way to your personal success. Together we make sure that it stands the test of time much like the Great Pyramids of Giza.