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Please note: In order to get to the Reuschenberger Muehle via A3, some navigation devices recommend to take the road „Im Muehlenfeld“. We strongly advise against this way! After leaving the settlement, the road becomes an unpaved dirt road. Therefore choose the route via the „Buerriger Weg“.

Coming from the A3

  • Take exit 22 (Leverkusen Opladen) and turn right into Bonner Strasse towards Cologne/Lev. Centre.
  • After approx. 280 m take the right lane and turn into Europaring.
  • After 170 m turn right into Muehlenweg.
  • After 1.2 km turn left into Erzbergerstrasse.
  • After approx. 230 m turn left into Friedrich-Engels-Strasse.
  • After 150 m turn left into Buerriger Weg. Follow the road until you reach the Reuschenberger Muehle.

Coming from the A1

  • At the Leverkusen West junction, take one of the 2 right lanes to take the A59 towards Duesseldorf/Lev. Centre.
  • After 1.3 km take one of the 2 left lanes to take the exit towards A59/Lev. Zentrum. Follow the Westring.
  • After 900 m turn right into Olof-Palme-Straße.
  • After 300 m turn left into Overfeldweg.
  • After 850 m please turn right into Von-Ketteler-Strasse.
  • After 110 m turn left into Buerriger Weg. Follow the road until you reach Reuschenberger Straße.
  • Reach the mill.