Our IT-Development

We build individual software solutions that are tailored exactly to the needs of our customers.

Our portfolio includes the creation of small applications/tools up to the creation of complex, global software solutions.

Our Development Portfolio

  • Client Server Applications (with database Integration)
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Web- and desktop conversion solutions
  • Interface and data conversion solutions
  • Script automation
  • Automating infrastructure Tasks
  • Automating Business processes
  • Database development
  • Reporting deployment solutions
  • IoT solutions
  • Programming languages/Library Support
    1. .Net Framework (C#/ VB)
    2. PowerShell/ Batch/ VBA
    3. JavaScript/ jQuery/ Angular
    4. PHP
    5. Python
  • Platform development
    1. Desktop application development
    2. Web application development
    3. Script development
  • Database development
    1. MS SQL Server
    2. Oracle SQL Server
    3. MySql (etc.)
  • DevOps/ GitHub
  • CI/ CD (continuous integration/ continuous delivery)
  • TDD/ Test-Automation
  • Rest/ SOAP
  • Realization and Planning of software solutions deeply intregrated into your infrastructure
    1. Cloud infrastructure (Microsoft Azure/ AWS)
    2. Exchange/ Mail/ O365 Infrastructure/ Administration/ Automation
    3. Enterprise Mircosoft SQL Infrastructure/ Administration
    4. Networking infrastrcuture (DNS/ FireWall/ DMZ etc.)
    5. Windows Server and Desktop Management/ Administration/ Automation
    6. PKI Technologies

Sample Projects

  • Individual IT Asset Management solutions
  • OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) Software solutions
    1. Global availability using two different applications
    2. Multilanguage support
    3. Complex Access/Security layer granting role-based data access
    4. Reporting module including list based, graphical and document based individual Reports (supporting Excel and PDF)
    5. Including automated data collection and transfer from the manufacturing sites using onsite PLC devices
    6. Streamlining the OEE calculation algorithm by completely implementing it into the database
  • Supporting mail resource Management Application
  • Training/ Course Management application
    1. Implementing an access layer for Managers and Users
    2. File attachment Management
    3. Reporting module including reports for auditing
    4. Support of internal PowerShell workflow engine
    5. Introduction intro the individual developed code base (PowerShell, F#) on short notice
    6. Providing support of all integrated workflows and processess
    7. Planning, developing and providing new workflows
    8. Engine runs using CI / CD environment and test Automation
  • O365 tenant migration support
    1. Integration of workflows for the migration process into complex internal PowerShell based workflow engines
    2. Creating and running reports to analyze the current Project Status


  • Tailormade solutions (considering your individual budget requirements)
  • Goal-oriented, flexible and scalable software solutions
  • Analyzing and optimizing your Business processes
  • Creation of Cloud based/ On-premise solutions (from prototype to complex software solutions)
  • Full and partial coverage of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)
    1. Requirements-Management (Demand-Management)
    2. Concept Creation (incl. Architecture/Infrastructure)
    3. Software developement (agile, non-agile)
    4. Documentation
    5. Testing/ Quality Management (automated/non-automated)
    6. Deployment/Roll-Out
    7. Maintenance and Support (Problem-/Incident Management)
  • Legacy Software Support and further Development
    1. Continuing the Maintenance/ Support
    2. Planning and Development of further enhancements
    3. Migrating the application to a new infrastructure
  • Consulting to find the correct software solutions
  • Connecting to customize your existing software solutions
    1. On existing API's


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