About Us

Steen Harbach AG

After its founding in 1988, the Harbach Company has positioned itself in the innovative market of IT technology. Owing to a broad basis of clients, fair pricing, a rich experience and a highly motivated staff the Steen Harbach AG is a reliable strategic Partner at your side.

Together with you we develop individual and dynamic IT-Solutions that cover the needs of your business.

This is our understanding of customer oriented IT management from one source:

competent | successful | flexible


38 employees are serving our company at our sites in Leverkusen and Frankfurt/Main.

The Diversity Charter

The Steen Harbach AG signed the diversity charter in May 2019. Even before the signing of the charter, the appreciation and equal treatment of all of our employees has been a fundamental value at our company. We are very happy to officially be a part of this great and important initiative.

The diversity charter is an employer initiative to promote diversity in companies and institutions. Since 2006, the initiative has pursued the goal to further the recognition, appreciation and integration of diversity on the German job market. The goal is to create a working environment in organisations that is free of prejudice. All employees are to be treated with appreciation, regardless of their gender, gender identity, nationality, ethnic background, religion or ideology, impairments, age, sexual orientation or identity.

As we are actively living these values, we have become part of this initiative.

Because we are certain of one thing: From diversity and different perspective arise new ideas and innovations.

Living knowledge transfer and open communication help us master future challenges.

How? Well, with our employees, of course!

The Diversity Charter